Cannabis producers and sellers want to pay taxes

Let’s end the drug prohibition NOW!!

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What is this all about?

California is in trouble (again) with its
budget. As this is written (August, 2007), there are plans to cut one billion
dollars from important rapid transit projects. There are also plans to cut back
welfare for the elderly and disabled and to cut back drug treatment programs
for prisoners. Cutting back on important programs will simply cause more
problems in the future — with higher demands on the budget.

In order to try to make up the shortfall,
the state of California is in negotiations with Indian casinos for a portion of
casino revenues. The amount of money to be gained is between $200 million and
$500 million per year. However, this battle has been going on for years with no
quick resolution in sight — and it wouldn’t fill the budget gap, anyway.

We offer a solution.

The producers and sellers of marijuana
offer the state of California at least one billion dollars in additional tax
revenue every year
— and nobody is arguing.