So long and thanks for all the fish – NOT!

Et on continue de phoquer le chien…

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Dolphins swimming. The Biscay Dolphin Research Programme wildlife conservation group has said sightings by marine scientists of dolphins in the north Atlantic’s Bay of Biscay have dropped off by 80 percent compared to the same period in 2006.

« We know for a fact that by-catch is killing thousands of dolphins every year, » he said, referring to commercial fishing operations in the bay, which is formed by the northern coast of Spain and the eastern French seaboard up to the tip of Brittany.
The second — and probably more important — reason that dolphins have disappeared is that there is simply very little left for them to eat.

A sharp decrease in the presence of many seabirds that also feed on fish — such as auks, shearwaters and gannets — lends support to this explanation.