DHS plan to throw Americans out of work comes under legal challenge

Les bureaucrates états-uniens commencent à ressembler de plus en plus aux apparatchiks de l’ancienne URSS.

clipped from pressesc.com

Civil and labor rights groups have filed a lawsuit against a new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rule that allows the Department to throw any US citizen or legal resident out of work using “no-match” letters that inform an employer of alleged discrepancies between employee records and the Social Security Administration database, even when the government is responsible for the error.

In the past, the letters have been purely advisory, and clearly state that they do not « make any statement about an employee’s immigration status, » but Under the new DHS rule, however, an employer who receives a « no-match » letter is required to give the employee 90 days to resolve the data discrepancy with the huge SSA bureaucracy, a formidable challenge, the rights groups pointed out.

They fear that rather than go through this burdensome process, some employers are likely to simply fire workers whose names appear on the letters

« It is truly ironic that the DHS calls this rule a ‘safe harbor,' »