La police arrête le propriétaire du site

Les lois sur le copyright ne protègent que les grosses compagnies.

A man is now in prison because he runs a site where other people can link to low-resolution tv shows, hosted by Google. FACT did not raid Google, they raided a site which merely links to TV shows.

Like this: The Office on Stage 6.

If I still lived in England, then could I be charged with the same crimes? As ZeroPaid’s Jared asks, could the people who link to my site be charged as co-conspirators?

This effectively makes the entire internet illegal.

Copyright laws do not protect citizens, they prosecute them on behalf of rich copyright cartels.

There isn’t much info about this right now, only a single brief article from the Guardian, but it’s going to be really interesting to see what happens when more details emerge.

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