Homeland Security preparing to seize Apache lands

Et ainsi la militarisation de l’Amérique du nord continue…

Et qui paie ?
Les pauvres, les marginalisés, les premières nations, les minorités, les sans-voix…

Margo Tamez recently sent out the following urgent call for support, explaining that since July, her Mother and Elders of el Calaboz, Texas, have been the targets of numerous threats and harassments by the Border Patrol, Army Corps of Engineers, NSA, and the U.S. related to the proposed building of a fence on their levee.

The NSA, for one, has been specifically demanding that Elders give up their lands for the levee–telling them that they will have to travel a distance of 3 miles to go through checkpoints, to walk, recreate, and to farm and herd goats and cattle ON THEIR OWN LANDS.

Margo’s mother just informed her that since last Monday the Army Corps of Engineers, Border Patrol and National Security Agency teams have been tracking down and enclosing upon the people; telling them that they have no choice: “the wall is going on these lands whether you like it or not, and you have to sell your land to the U.S.”