Cannabis et conduite automobile

L’article résume les résultats de certaines études parmi les plus importantes des dernières années concernant la conduite automobile sous l’influence du cannabis.

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A major study done by the UK Transport Research Laboratory in 2000 found that drivers under the influence of cannabis were more cautious and less likely to drive dangerously. The study examined the effects of marijuana use on drivers through four weeks of tests on driving simulators. The study was commissioned specifically to show that marijuana was impairing, and the british government was embarrassed with the study’s conclusion that « marijuana users drive more safely under the influence of cannabis. »

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Two decades of research show that marijuana use may actually reduce driver accidents.

The effects of marijuana use on driving performance have been extensively researched over the last 20 years. All major studies show that marijuana consumption has little or no effect on driving ability, and may actually reduce accidents. Here’s a summary of the biggest studies into pot use and driving.