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In short, if you merely hate the Bush administration for driving the country into penury, making us hated around the world, bringing on a global economic crisis, ignoring when not exacerbating a looming environmental catastrophe of planetary proportions, killing a million Iraqis on the basis of a host of lies, letting New Orleans drown, trying to wreck Social Security, sleeping through (at best) the worst terrorist attack on our shores, allowing — when not assisting — the Middle East in going up in flames, or dividing our country internally — if that’s “all” you’ve got against these guys, then you have no idea how bad it really is.

Because how bad it really is can be found in the same place where one sees the difference between first-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. The latter is a crime of ineptitude, the former one of intent. If you are fooled into thinking — as I suspect that most Americans have been — that the Bush administration was just a bunch of bungling ideologues who governed like Keystone Kops, then you will have been duped by the crime of the century. For at bottom these were kleptocrats, pure and simple. They came to steal, not to serve, and — with the chief exception of their foiled Social Security raid — they accomplished their mission rather handily. This was class warfare, and we lost badly. The rich in America are now far richer than they’ve been since 1929, while we and our government are infinitely more impoverished than we’ve been since the New Deal.

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